I was testing a lighting concept using only a single light source. These portraits are raw and unedited. No makeup or hair were done to these new faces from Elite LA modeling agency. You can say they arrived "as is."

Photo Assistant: Miranda Saraty
Fashion Stylist: Pegah Sesani
Makeup Artist: Christina Guerra
Hair Stylist: Tony Vin
Location: Downtown LA

I wish everyone a joyous holiday season filled with great company, food, and drink. Go Lakers!

For your viewing pleasure, the premiere of season two's Flight of the Conchords is out:


Yesterday, I shot for one of the makeup students for her final project from All About Face Academy located in Downtown Los Angeles. This is one of the first time I actually tested out shooting this close of an angle to a model's face using my macro lense.

Photography: Mark Sacro | http://www.marksacro.com
MUA: Reiko Y. (Instructed: Nakeah) | http://www.allaboutface.net/
Hair: Coffee Johnson
Model: Lyndzi Trang | http://www.lyndzitrang.com

As a photographer, it's important to understand the concepts and processes of hair and makeup. Last week, I was able to experience this under the instruction of one of my favorite makeup artists: Staci Nguyen...
Here are the results... Did I pass?

I never watched a single episode of this HBO series until last night... and ended up watching the entire first season in one setting. The joys of "on demand"... a sinful treat. The style of cinematography and witty lyrics of Flight of the Conchords definitely is an inspiration to some concepts I want to play with in my future shoots. Regardless, watch the series if you haven't already... it's funny as hell.

Thanks to my buddy & graphic designer, Philly for making the flyer. Check out his website too at: http://www.philcruzstudio.com/

I regularly shoot for 944 Orange County magazine. Here were the stories for this month's issue:

"The Secret's Out"

"Simply Stunning"

"Made Haute in the OC"

The colors of the images are slightly off because it was taken as "print screen" from 944's website. To view the images at hi-res, please visit my website: www.marksacrophotography.com and/or view this issue at: http://proofcenter.944.com/flipbook/?locale=5. Katie, the editor was there the day of "The Secret's Out" shoot and filmed a behind the scenes footage. Check it out on YouTube:

Check out my latest spread in Chic Magazine, on online magazine based in the United Kingdom. See the entire issue and my spread at Chic Magazine's website. The theme and story of the shoot was inspired by Lewis Carroll's book, Through the Looking Glass, What Alice Found There , a sequel to his reknown Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Hello friends, fans, and readers,

I have decided to start blogging to catch you guys up on what I have been up to. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. There are much stories to tell with the trigger of my fingers...

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